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The Recycling Process By JRT

Roll Off Bin:

JRT performs pickups usually within 24 hours of notice. We have scrap bins to accommodate regular recycling intervals ranging in sizes of 15, 30, 40 and 50 yds when using our roll off bin services. These services have proved to be ideal for the one time, weekly, monthly and on call recycling intervals.

Larger Trucks / End Dumps / Tractor Trailers:

For larger jobs, we utilize tractor trailers, end dumps, flat beds or vans. Typically, a 24 hour notice allows for time to do a pickup or drop off, but with larger jobs its best to contact us earlier if at all possible.


We have all the equipment needed in our fleet to assist your needs. Everything from forklifts, excavators, grapples, torches, a tow truck and the man power to get it done. We offer free pick up on vechiles.

Portable Crushing:

Within our fleet, we have two Al John portable bailers available. The bailers can be moved to salvage yards; from there we can clean up unwanted vehicles or parted out vehicles, load them on a trailer and have them hauled away.

We pick up your cars with a $50 fee in Jonesboro city limits. If outside city limits, it is$50 plus $1 mile. Title & matching ID required for pickup.


Learn About Our Process:

Two new sets of scales to make weighing in and out hassle free.

Aljon bailer/logger with clam shell grapple can unload trailers without damaging your floor.

Sennebogen 821 with magnet or grapple to unload larger items with ease.

We have several forklifts to choose from. We can unload everything from a pallet to a large truck.